Rational Blaster

Rational Blaster is a a fast-paced game based upon the concept of rationality in mathematics. The player must differentiate between rational and irrational expressions as well as manage the frenetic pace.


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We recommend playing this game in the Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. If you need to play in Internet Explorer, you will have to install the Chrome Frame plug in. This plug in is found at http://www.google.com/chromeframe

You must protect Canis Prime from incoming asteroids. As commander of an orbital laser defense platform, you have the tools to blast them to bits, but some are unstable and will detonate if fired upon. Use your scanner to determine which asteroids you can safely shoot. Your scanner will output rational numbers for stable asteroids which you must destroy, and irrational numbers for unstable asteroids that will detonate on their own during entry.

Learning Targets

MA.11.811.01.03 - Define irrational numbers (CAS: 8.1.1.a)

Earning Badges...

Badges are earned after the player demonstrates the ability to quickly distinguish between “rational” and “irrational” numbers. The format the values are displayed on the the asteroid increases in complexity as the game progresses:

  1. Bronze is awarded after the player has mastered recognizing irrational values when presented in the form of N*e or N*π (with e being the irrational constant and not a separate variable, and N being a variable)
  2. Silver is awarded after demonstrating the ability to distinguishing irrational and rational values presented as square root.
  3. Gold Badge is awarded after the player demonstrates the ability to distinguish irrational and rational values when presented in equations in the form of x +n*e or x + n*π
  4. Platinum Badge is awarded after the player can successfully differentialate rational and irrational numbers when presented in the following equation formats:
    • (n*e)-(n*e)
    • (n*π) -(n*π)
    • (n*e)/(n*e)
    • (n*π) /(n*π)